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Now, then and later

You are searching for a professional partner for condensate technology?


Our company is specialised on the planning and engineering of condensate lift systems and condensate lifters since for over 50 years now. The company originally was founded in 1963 by Mr. Voigt senior.

Condensate technology - then

Product: Condensate Lifter

Condensate Lifters from VOIGT were developed in 1963 and from that on sold worldwide.

Some of the lifters that were delivered in the late seventies are still in use and working properly!


In that time, the single lifter was the "product".

Condensate technology - today

Product: Package Unit

Today the "product" is: Engineering and construction of complete condensate modules according to customer's specifications including material selection, delivered as package unit, ready for installation and start-up, delivery of complete documentation of the manufacturing process according the developed ITP, delivery of all necessary certification (acc. PED / ASME / GOST-R / etc.), delivery of all certificates according customer's specification including 3.1-certificates (standard), PMI-Test-Certificates etc.

Condensate technology - later

Product: Condensate Lifter and Package Units

Complex package units and simple single devices - both are demanded by our customers and both will always be supplied by us.

Due to the durability of our lifters, we are supplying spare parts for all lifters, even if they are 30 years old or older, for all materials and all design conditions.

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