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Condensate Recovery

Why it is so important!

The maximum condensate return is an obligatory demand in order to design the steam-condensate-loop as cost-effective as possible and to handle resources as sparing as possible.

To discharge condensate into the drainage, to pollute the drinking water by additional feeding and residual chemicals resulting of the water treatment is not conformable to  general  requirements of a contemporary environmental protection any more.
The same applies to the avoidable use of additional fuel in case of an overstated rate of fresh water feeding and emissions. The persistent increasing fuel costs additionally demand particular



Think about our children - protect the planet by using energy-saving systems!

Condensate is returned by electric driven centrifugal pumps in many cases in industrial plants.

This leads to high complexity (electricity, electronics) and especially interferences, maintenance efforts and energy consumption causing multiple disadvantages. Additionally traditional condensate return systems are intrinsically tied to high machinery investments and cause costs for maintenance, support and servicing.


High functionality, permanent availability in continuous use, simple and robust design, fully automatic operating without electricity or electronics, energy and personnel cost savings are just a few of the characteristics of condensate return systems from VOIGT.

The VOIGT-Lifter is the top-quality alternative solution compared to conventional pumping systems.

Condensate problems - for pressureless or pressurized condensate or vacuum - could be a thing of the past soon!

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