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The alternate solution

The VOIGT-Lifter is the alternate solution to traditional pump systems. problems with condensate return - for unpressurized fluids or fluids under overpressure or vacuum - can be a thing of the past soon!


We also offer special solutions for difficult cases. Special design parameters (for corrosive fluids, for complex cases, for constructions according special technical specifcations ...) are no problem!



8 Sizes

1.200 kg/h bis 15.000 kg/h

Max. 60.000 kg/h (lifters in a row)

Material: CS, SS, LTS

Design and Test (incl.): PED/ASME/TR CU

Design Standard: -1/25 bar, 0/300°C

Design Max: -1/50 bar, -104 / 450 °C

Pressure motive medium

min 2 bar, max. 16 bar

Hello, I am the Voigt-Lifter.


The reason I got this name is that I am transporting fluids from one level to a higher level, so you can say I am lifting fluids. I'm doing this lifting by using a so called motive medium which has to be gaseous, like steam or nitrogen or propane or compressed air.
I'm working fully automatic which means that I'm starting to work as soon as the fluid enters my work space and reaches a certain level inside me. An internal float then opens the so calles steam inlet valve with it's ascending force and here we go.

As soon as I'm empty the float is at the ground again and closes the steam inlet valve by his weight. In order to keep the motive steam in the system the steam outlet valve opens and the gas is led out back into the system.
Now I'm ready for the next lifting process.


I'm well designed and because of this I'm staying a long time with my owners and they get used to me. Most of the times I am soon in company of other Voigt-Lifters.
Unfortunately there are bad copies of me on the market. They are designated as lifters as well but they don't reach my level of performance. They don't stay with their owners for long times and then go down the tubes. Then they need me to do it better. Of course that's a pleasure for me.

I don't want to show off but with me (and these are the facts) you can:
Save energy (I'm just working with a motive medium and that stays in the system and I don't need any electricity),
save costs (I'm maintenance-free and autonomous that means that I don't need any attention, besides my durability is nearly unlimited which means that I will get very old), do everything (I'm very undemanding regarding the circumstances of my environment so I don't care about low or high temperature, vacuum or high pressure or pressure cycling and I'm very versatile since I'm available in diverse materials and 8 types and according to many standards (DIN, ASME with or without stamp, China-Stamp, CS or stainless steel, PN 16, 25 or 40, ANSI Class 150 or 300 and so on and so on and so on).

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